ParkDental Ukraine Website


Create website and online brand for the company

Веб-сайт для ПаркДентал

Park Dental™ Dental Clinic  is one of the first private dental clinics in Lviv, Ukraine. Established in 1994, the clinic offers high-quality dental services in compliance with international standards of medicine and the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Time, quality of customer service and staff, as well as only the best equipment, quickly led the company to international recognition.

The company’s philosophy – “Not only heal, but care and grow together,” emphasizes a wonderful client-centered approach to treatment at Park Dental Clinic.

Business owners feel that the company is focused on developing relationships with visitors and offering services for everyone to do.

Dental Park is ready to help when everyone else says it’s impossible.

Веб-сайт для ПаркДентал
ParkDental Ukraine Website
ParkDental Ukraine Website



This project has been designed using several great tools:

  • Pantheon – A great tool for creating a web project development environment. The service provides free hosting and domain + advanced equipment.
  • NameCheap – The hosting provider I usually use for pre-made sites. Great prices and iron!
  • manageWP – A great tool for remote site management, updates and optimization.
  • Cloudflare – A must-have element for website development. The tool is basically a DNS resolver on steroids with functionality to protect and optimize the site. More about this in my blog.


When creating the prototype, I focused on the brand color (# 4a935b) and added two light ‘colors’ to it to complement it and give it the ability to focus all over the site. Although I enjoy playing with colors, I focused on a simple yet professional design.

Also, work was done on the existing company logo and vector versions were created for later use on the Internet.

ParkDental Ukraine Website
ParkDental Ukraine Website


Due to fairly simple project requirements, I decided to work with WordPress and several plugins to get the extra work done.

For the theme I used the Incubator template, on it I was able to make all the necessary configurations and customize the site for the company.

In the beginning, I prepared a presentation of my vision of the main page of the site and the style that can be used in the interface.

After that, we agreed on the overall style, colors, styles of buttons and blocks, and started filling.

Also, at this time I studied the market and companies that provide similar services in Ukraine and abroad. It helped me find an approach and understand the things that work in this niche.

Finally, at the end of this phase, I prepared a blog page, as well as the design of the service category pages that we used later for different types of clinic services.


Dentistry is a big topic, so one of the problems I encountered was the problem of properly structuring all data and navigation so that everything was clear and intuitive.

After numerous conversations and tests, it was decided to prepare 4 additional pages (service templates) that would be dedicated to specific categories of services provided by Park Dental Clinic:

  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Adult dentistry
  • Diagnosis
  • Orthodontics

On these pages, we discussed the structure of information output and tabs for different sections. All this made the site interesting and shared useful information about the clinic and how it can help its visitors.


When the website was almost ready, I transferred it to a valid domain to perform the necessary optimization and configuration and security configurations.

Additionally, I connected the site to cloudflare, added and configured caching plugins, optimized images, and started working with SEO.

I used the Yoast SEO plugin to get all the functionality and customize it properly for my business.

During this process, all pages of the site were checked for speed. And also, selected SEO titles and alternative text for pictures.

Integrations and Support

The site has been added to Google Webmasters to track indexing statistics and find ways to improve site performance.

In addition, I have integrated a website with the Semrush platform to work with SEO and validate pages and content performance.

Finally, I helped connect the company’s social networks to the site, created accounts on additional networks, and prepared visual material for use.

Since then, I have been monitoring the site and improving it in terms of SEO and productivity, as well as constantly updating it on various additional offers from the company.


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